Time Travel: Discovering the History of Palma de Mallorca by Motorbike

Experience a unique adventure exploring the rich history and culture of Palma de Mallorca by motorcycle. From ancient castles to historic neighborhoods, our route guides you through the most emblematic and lesser-known places on the island.

Imagine the gentle hum of your motorcycle as you glide through Palma’s cobblestone streets, every corner and alleyway narrating centuries of history. This is not only a way to travel, but a portal through time that allows you to discover the rich cultural tapestry of Palma de Mallorca in an intimate and exciting way. From the imposing Cathedral that stands proudly facing the sea to the quiet courtyards hidden behind discreet facades, riding a motorcycle gives you the freedom to explore these treasures at your own pace.

Plan your historical-cultural tour by motorcycle:

Before starting, it is essential to map out your route. Consider starting at Palma Cathedral, a Gothic marvel, and then head to the Almudaina Palace. Don’t forget to include the Arab Baths, a fascinating testimony of the Muslim presence on the island. Map in hand (or on your mobile device), be sure to mark those lesser-known but equally captivating places, such as Palma’s inner courtyards, true hidden gems.

Historical and cultural must-sees:

  1. Palma Cathedral (La Seu): An icon of the city, this cathedral is a great starting point for your adventure. Its Gothic architecture and the reflections of light through its stained glass windows create an unforgettable spectacle.

  2. Bellver Castle: Surrounded by forests, this circular castle offers panoramic views of Palma and its bay. Riding a motorcycle here is an experience in itself, with curves that gradually reveal the city and the sea.

  3. Jewish Quarter (Call Mayor): Explore the narrow streets of this historic neighborhood by motorcycle, discovering the rich history of Palma’s Jewish community.

Tips for an enriching experience:

  • Travel light: Take only the essentials with you so you can stop and explore with ease.
  • Respect for heritage: When visiting historical sites, be aware of their importance and treat the environment with the care it deserves.
  • Cultural interaction: Take the opportunity to talk with the locals. Often, they can share stories and data that will enrich your understanding of each site.


Touring Palma de Mallorca by motorcycle allows you to immerse yourself in its history and culture in a deeply personal and exciting way. More than a simple trip, it is an exploration of the identity of this island, revealed through its monuments, its streets and, most importantly, its people. So start your bike, Palma’s past awaits you with stories to tell and secrets to discover. Ready for the trip?

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